Castor Oil for Hair Ends

Everyone wants thick and beautiful hair. Hair oil has an important role in making hair thick and beautiful. A good hair oil prevents hair damage, softens dry hair, reduces hair fall and nourishes hair. People apply different types of oils such as coconut oil or mustard oil to nourish hair.

If you want quick black, thick and strong hair, you can use castor oil for hair ends. Castor oil is considered very healthy for hair. Castor oil is not only good for hair but it also protects from many physical diseases. Castor oil is good for split ends in the following way.

Castor oil repair split ends

If your problem is hair thinning or hair loss then go for castor oil – it moisturizes for curly hair, and especially natural hair. Fills all the damaged areas without overloading your hair. So, get rid of split ends with castor oil.

Use of castor oil for hair loss

For hair loss problems, mix the juice of castor oil and ginger juice well according to the length of hair and keep it on the scalp and the entire hair well for half an hour. After half an hour, apply a herbal shampoo and wash the hair.  By doing this process 2 to 3 times a week, the fall of hair is reduced to a great extent.

hair nourishment

Use of castor oil for remove dandruff

Castrol oil is also used to reduce dandruff. To reduce dandruff, castrol oil is prepared by mixing Aloe Vera gel and now add 2-3 baud tea tree oil to this mixture and mix it well. Applying this mixture 3-4 times reduces the dandruff problem to a great extent. Hair essential nutrients are found in aloe vera gel, which maintains the moisture of hair, which also solves the problem of hair breakage.

Castor oil also contains ricinoleic acid, omega-6, essential fatty acids. They strengthen the hair from the root by making the blood circulation in the head better. Applying castor oil provides hair nourishment.

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