Is Balayage more expensive than highlights?

Colouring hair is itself a makeover. Who does not want to look bold and stylish? And hair coloring is an excellent option for doing this.

But there are many hair color techniques available in the market nowadays. Sometimes it becomes too hard to find a perfect hair coloring technique for your hair. We don’t know which is affordable and can give the best results. In this article, I will compare two prevalent hair color techniques, balayage and highlights. So, let’s get into today’s topic.

What do we mean by Balayage

Balayage highlights is a French word that means sweeping. It is named sweeping for two reasons; one is its application method very similar to comprehensive, and another reason is the brush used to apply the colors is like small brooms.

In this type of hair coloring technique, stylists apply colors with their hands to look natural. It is nearly similar to the effect of the sun. This page contains the most popular balayage highlights hairstyles.

Balayage coloring

What do we mean by Highlights

Highlights are the hair coloring technique in which some strands or full hair is highlighted with colors strand by strand. There are mainly 3 types of highlighting available in the market.


Babylight is a resemblance of the coloring created by sunlight among children. This takes much more time than the others, as it has to be done in parts.

Partial highlighting

Partial highlighting is the process of highlighting a specific part of your hair with colors. It takes comparatively less time.

Full highlighting

Full highlighting is a process of dyeing your hair thoroughly with a new color, and the color will create a contrasting pattern with your natural hair color.

Comparing the price of Balayage and Highlights

Balayage is a time-consuming technique, and to maintain the dye, you have to come for a touch-up every two to four months. This technique will cost you around $200.
Highlighting prices may differ from salon to salon. But in general, the cost of partial highlighting is around $75, the cost of full highlighting is about $100, and the baby lighting can cost you around $120. Babylighting is more time-consuming, so the price of it is more.

So, as you all can see, Balayage is more expensive than Highlights in every way. I hope this information will help you to understand these techniques better.

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