Sugar in Your Diet Cause Thinning Hair

Sugar counts as a bad element for the calories, but have you ever thought that besides calories sugar even affects your hair growth? Yes, sugar causes hair damage that is related to the problem of hair loss. Apart from this, it even affects your overall system and functioning of the body.

High consumption of sugar results in the rise of sugar levels in the blood. In the long run, sugar in your diet cause thinning hair. Want to know the reason behind this? Have a prompt look over the article to bump a concise detail.

Relation between the sugar level in blood and hair weakening

You will frequently discover that the hairs of a diabetic patient are thin and weak. Now, diabetes is not the only reason behind this problem, but this occurs due to the circulation problem of blood that occurs because of sugar level. Wondering how?

Thinning Hair

All the nutrients in the human body are circulated to different cells including the hair cells by the blood vessels that pass near to the cells. Hair exhibits a high metabolic rate and requires a proper supply of nutrients at a specific time. As the sugar level increases, the blood circulation becomes more poor resulting in the delay of blood reaching time to the hair follicles. This ultimately affects the strength of hair and gradually the hairs fall off. Now, this doesn’t mean that only sugar level in the blood is the cause for miserable circulation, it depends on respective other components, but one of the reason behind hair loss is sugar.

Spikes of sugar are unsuitable for the growth of hair

The spikes of blood sugar coincide with the level of other nutrients or hormones such as testosterone or the glucose in the body that severely affects the amount of delivering nutrients to the follicles of hair. Apart from this, the fluctuation in the level of hormones plays a vital role in hair weakening.

Relation of scalp damage and sugar level

Due to the sugar, our body inflates, and it is clearly visible from the outside. But, the same condition occurs with the scalp of hairs. It happens several times that the scalp feels cold or hot. People avoid such a condition, but meanwhile, it is a symptom of hot or cold inflation of the scalp that adversely affects the skin, so sugar cause hair loss.

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