Diet for Better Sleep

Have you ever craved upon a bedtime snack? Well, most of us have done, but have you ever thought this can result in your sleepless night? Think of it for a while.

Maybe you are one of those who eats dinner late just before bedtime. You may be aware that it contains calories, but you might not be aware that it can affect your sleep. Here you will get to know about the diet for better sleep, several foods to eat before bed and a few of them to avoid is important for restful sleep.

  • Take Almonds before bed – Almonds are years old known nuts for enormous health benefits. A Wide number of vitamins, nutrients & micro-nutrients are present in almonds that eventually results in lowering down the stress hormones which promotes sleep in the body.

eat before bed

  • Fatty fish – As fatty fish are rich source omega fatty acids, it stimulates serotonin which is a chemical responsible for the regulation of better sleep cycle. Apart from this, the vitamin D inside fatty fish is again a good element for sleep.
  • Chamomile herbal tea – Chamomile is an extremely good source of apigenin chemical. Now, our brain has severe receptors on its surface and apigenin binds to it that results in the decreasing of stress & anxiety.

  • Banana – Banana is one of those foods that help your sleep. It is high in magnesium and potassium which acts together in the brain to release relaxing hormones and decrease stress that stimulates healthy sleep. But if you are a diabetic patient, try other ways as bananas are high in sugar level.
  • Cottage Cheese – Cottage cheese is high in tryptophan which is a type of amino acid that has serotonin stimulating properties. As mentioned earlier, Serotonin relaxes the mind stress level and anxiety that relates to a peaceful sleep.

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